Perrysburg still working on registration requirements for food trucks

Perrysburg still working on registration requirements for food trucks

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The future of food trucks in Perrysburg is still unknown.

City Council withdrew their ordinance Tuesday that would require food trucks to register with the city for a fee to operate there.

Hundreds attend Perrysburg's farmers market every Thursday night. Now there's a new addition to the downtown activity: Food trucks.

Nearly ten different trucks attend the city's market.

"I live in Perrysburg and so I was waiting for years to come to bring the food truck to Perrysburg," said Philip Barone, owner of Rosie's Italian Grille and the food truck Rosie's Rolling Chef. "Now we've done it and it's been very very successful. I think the people said it has really added to the market."

But soon their presence there could cost them more money.

Tuesday, Perrysburg City Council discussed an ordinance that would make food trucks register with the city for a fee of $250.

"It's really just to require the food truck operators, hold them to the same standards as other businesses that have decided to locate in Perrysburg and make their investments in Perrysburg," said City Councilman Jim Matuszak.

But that price tag has some food truck owners raising their concerns.

"In Toledo they do a $50 license and you get your sticker to show that you already have your insurance and your health department license," said Barone who is also president of Toledo's Food Truck Association. "It will be another sticker to go on there for Perrysburg, but I think $250 is just way too much."

City Council members say the issue of food trucks needs more discussion, that's why they withdrew the ordinance Tuesday.

Next the issue will go back to the finance committee to work out some of the concerns raised Tuesday.

"The discussion so far has been limited to the finance committee, which is just three members of council," explained Matuszak. "Tonight we had all seven people weigh in and we had some very good suggestions and so we withdrew the ordinance."

Some suggestions made at Tuesday's meeting included designating where the trucks could operate whether residential or commercial space, if food trucks with businesses in Perrysburg should get a discounted fee for their registration, along with other safety concerns.

The finance committee chair says the committee will work on those suggestions for the ordinance in their next meeting on Monday May 22nd at 5:00 p.m.

Another point made Tuesday night was that the issue could also be discussed in both the safety and planning and zoning committees as well. Council members say this is just the beginning of the conversation on food trucks in Perrysburg.

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