ODOT answers questions about Wooster roundabouts

ODOT answers questions about Wooster roundabouts

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green will have two new roundabouts just off I-75 on Wooster Street.

ODOT leaders asked members of the public to comment on the project before it begins.

Two roundabouts are coming to Bowling Green on Wooster Street right off I-75.

"We want to get the public's input, we want to understand how this is effecting people or if anybody has any ideas, for this, we're welcome to take those today," said Rebecca Shirling of ODOT.

No matter how much drivers complain to the project engineers at the Stroh Center about roundabouts, the project is still green lit.

"If you travel that way every day to work or school or however you need to get through there, we're going to be able to tell you exactly when things are going to be effecting you and how you can get around those," Shirling said.

During construction, one ramp will close at a time. The goal is to open each one back up after no more than two weeks of construction.

ODOT, BGSU, and the city of Bowling Green are working together to make the construction process as smooth as possible.

"The roundabouts there will improve congestion. It will also improve capacity. And in addition with that, it's a little bit easier flow for people, you don't have to stop and wait on those red lights, especially if other traffic is not coming, it's that free flow of traffic," Shirling said.

The project is set to start at the end of 2018, costing around $9 million, but the heavy impact for drivers will not start until the spring of 2019.

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