Sec. of State Jon Husted rejects McCarthy's BOE appointment

Sec. of State Jon Husted rejects McCarthy's BOE appointment
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted rejected the appointment of Ernest McCarthy to the Lucas County Board of Elections.

The Lucas County Republican Party's executive committee nominated McCarthy following a period of what Sec. Husted referred to as dysfunctional on the Lucas Count Board of Elections.

Sec. Husted says McCarthy has ties to that "dysfunctional past," which is why he rejected the appointment.

However, Sec. Husted says he does not want to be though of as the executive of the Lucas County GOP.

"I have no desire to be involved in micro-managing the Lucas County Board of Elections on behalf of democrats or republicans," Sec. Husted told WTOL's Jerry Anderson. "And in 87 other counties, this works just fine.  But in Lucas County, under the present leadership there, it is failing.  And I cannot allow, or I cannot idly stand by, and allow that to happen."

However, Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook disagrees, saying Sec. Husted was not doing his job.

"If you're the Secretary of State, your job is to fix problems at the boards of elections across the state," Stainbrook told WTOL. "Instead of fixing problems, Mr. Husted pulls out his liaison and there's nobody here to monitor what's going on the operations of the board of Lucas County. That's why the problems have been ongoing. The Secretary of State just doesn't want to do his job."

Mr. Husted recommended republicans choose either attorney Bill Jennings or attorney and former state representative David Karmol to fill the board of elections vacancy

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