Police hoping to crack case of serial battery thief

Police hoping to crack case of serial battery thief

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A west Toledo business was the target of a string of car battery burglaries over the past week.

One of those businesses is Buckeye Auto Repair, where the thief or thieves got away with 12 car batteries worth about $100 each.

"This guy was very ballsy," said owner Ramzi Ibrahim. "No shame in his game. Cars going by on Tremainsville Avenue, hood up right in front of them. After hours and not a care in the world, you would think the guy worked here the way he was operating."

Ibrahim's shop is equipped with cameras and a security system. The cameras caught the thief three times in the space of a week.

"The second day, came along and I noticed more hoods were up and I thought there is no way he got me two nights in a row," Ibrahim said. "And then the third night, Wednesday night, they got me again."

Along with the 12 stolen from Ibrahim's shop, Clifton's Auto Repair down the street saw 17 batteries missing. All the batteries has to be replaced by the shop.

"We pay over $100 a battery, up to $200 for marine batteries," Ibrahim said. "They get seven to eight dollars a battery, so their gain compared to our loss is a little irritating."

Police are investigating the burglaries. However, detectives say the case is hard to crack because thieves usually sell the battery to a scrap yard quickly or a group of criminals are handling the sell of the batteries.

If you have any information that can help police solve the case, you are urged to call Crime Stopper at (419)-255-1111.

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