Fostoria to honor officers with 'Police Week'

Fostoria to honor officers with 'Police Week'

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - In a time where police and public relations seems to be very tense, the city of Fostoria wanted to make sure their officers knew they were appreciated.

Mayor Eric Keckler read a proclamation Monday announcing it to be 'Police Week' in the city.

Mayor Keckler knows first hand the dangers of police work. His father, an officer with Fostoria police, was stabbed when Eric was only seven-years-old.

"Everyday, when he left the house after that, even as a little boy, I knew the possibility that Dad wouldn't come back," said Mayor Keckler.

Police Chief Keith Loreno knows the gesture means a lot to his officers, especially in these trying times.

"You see current events, especially with the incident here in Seneca County last week and Kirkersville," Chief Loreno said. "This stuff starts to kit a little closer to home than when you hear it on the far East Coast or West Coast. So, it's nice to be recognized and I know the guys appreciate it."

Both the mayor and police chief want to ask Fostoria residents to go out of their way this week and let these officers know that they are appreciated for what they do for the community.

"But you just never know. So we want to take the opportunity when we can and thank these people for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe everyday," said Mayor Keckler

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