Former WTOL reporter shares miracle Mother's Day story

Former WTOL reporter shares miracle Mother's Day story

(CBS/WTOL) - Current CBS and former WTOL reporter Steve Hartman told an interesting story this week on CBS Sunday morning about another WTOL alumni, Brad Brown.

"If God wanted to give a sign, what better way to do it than through the instrument that dominates people's lives today? The smartphone." said Brad.

Brad's mother died in February.

She, at one point had been the highest ranking female officer in Naval Intelligence and was going to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

As Brad was making funeral arrangements, he hit the email icon on his phone but his mail didn't pop up.

Instead, what popped up was a blurry image of a different photo on his phone, one of his mother.

The phone started working normally again a few hours later, but the image still appears in the background of some emails.

Phone experts couldn't explain how the image randomly appeared the first time on Brad's phone although they say they have seen similar things before.

The whole experience has left the retired investigative reporter with a profound sense of wonder.

"And sometimes now, as I think about - is there a technical explanation? - one side of the ledger of reality.  Then I look at the other side of the ledger of reality - is this the blessing that God has giving to me?" said Brad.

This Mother's Day lots of people will be missing their moms.  When all of a sudden maybe a rainbow will appear - or a bluebird will land on the windowsill - mere coincidence to many, but Brad Brown says, until proven otherwise, it's OK to believe it's your mother calling.

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