Sisters fight heroin epidemic after both lost a child to overdose

Sisters fight heroin epidemic after both lost a child to overdose

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - It was a fundraiser two sisters never wanted to hold.

They hoped to get their story out in the open so other families will not have to struggle through the same ordeal.

Lori Hanway's son, Thomas Urhammer, died on December 16th.

"We are each other's support group. We have really bad days and try to kick each other in the butt to get going," said Ms. Hanway.

Kat Cordes' daughter, Amanda Haas, died on March 10th.

"We lean on each other. Not many people know what it's like to lose a child that way. We're two sisters in one family unfortunately that do know," said Ms. Cordes.

Cause of death for the two sisters' adult children: heroin overdose.

They hope their kids didn't die in vain.

On Saturday, in Bowling Green at the Eagles Club, Lori and Kat raised funds, but most of all awareness, to fight back against opiate addiction.

"If you have someone who has an addiction, don't be ashamed. There are a lot of people ashamed they have an addiction. Get your family help. Find them the right resources," said Ms. Hanway.

Money raised at the memorial benefit goes to Team Recovery, a Toledo organization helping addicts come clean.

There was food, raffles and an auction.

"My message to people is there needs to be more education for our youngsters to not start using this horrible drug. Watch children. Look for signs of heroin use," said Ms. Cordes.

Both women know it's too late to save their children.

Their mission now is to save others.

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