New Metroparks mountain bike trail designed for the adventurous

New Metroparks mountain bike trail designed for the adventurous
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

SWANTON, OH (WTOL) - May is National Bike Month and Metroparks Toledo has a great place to celebrate; a brand new mountain bike course at Oak Openings.

It's not your average bike trail.

No beach cruisers or your little road tire bikes on this trail. This trail requires a mountain bike and a little courage.

"If they want an experience and to have some challenges our bike trails the place to be," said Stockford, Assistant Park Supervisor at the Metroparks.

The five mile trail was almost completely hand made.

Padded and constructed by volunteers, it consists of two loops, six full bridges, and multiple other technical features.

It's designed for most skill levels.

"Anything from a child to your hard core mountain biker will be able to come out here and enjoy the trail. It really depends on how fast you decide to traverse the course," said Joe Fausnaugh, Chief of Operations for Toledo Metroparks.

Multiple local bike shops contributed through both donations and ideas, to help create playground for the adventure seeking cyclist.

Many of which couldn't wait to get started.

"It was packed when we were working on it even though it wasn't supposed to be. Once the weather dries out you'll have people riding it non-stop," said Fausnaugh.

Engineers say the trail will get better with time, as more and more to tires shape the twists and turns.

The trail head starts at the Springbrook lot on State Route 64.

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