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St. John's students launch boat they built during unique class project

Titan 1 (Source: WTOL) Titan 1 (Source: WTOL)

It’s the kind of class project not many students are assigned.

St. John’s Jesuit Academy students built a boat from scratch.

The boat is named Titan 1 and made its initial voyage on Friday afternoon.

Nearly fifty students spent four semesters constructing Titan 1 meeting during enrichment periods two days a week.

“I’m going to remember building the boat. I’m going to remember what it looks like, the experience,” said student Nathan Allan.

The students built Titan 1 as part of a project based learning experience.

The lesson to be learned?

“Basic ship safety, hand and power tools. That was part of it. The other thing was learning about the maritime arts and sciences, boat nomenclature,” said teacher John May.

But there was another takeaway from the project: teamwork.

“I don’t think I could name one person off the top of my head who I actually talked to on the building team. I got to know my classmates,” said student Malachi Norrios.

Titan 1 will not sail off into the sunset just yet though.

It’s slated to be auctioned off with all money going to St. John’s Jesuit Academy.

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