When installing child safety seats, it's best to not take any chances

When installing child safety seats, it's best to not take any chances

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - When you're talking about the safety of your kids, taking a little time out of your day to have car seats inspected is the least you can do.

That's what parents were doing at AAA in Sylvania Twp. on Friday, which was offering a free child safety seat check.

One of the things parents learned from the trained technicians from Safe Kids Greater Toledo was that car seats expire after six years.

First-time mom Samantha Renwand was grateful for the free safety check.

She says dealing with the car seat for her 14-month old can be stressful.

She already knew the importance of making sure the car seat is properly secured and reclined properly.

However, she didn't realize she has to worry about more than just the car seat itself.

"I learned that the mirrors are not recommended because they're considered a projectile if you were to be in an accident. So, we'll definitely consider taking that off," said Samantha.

The inspectors also say not every car seat is a match for every vehicle.

They recommend contacting a certified professional if you have any doubts about picking the right seat.

The safety technicians also say to never buy a car seat from a garage sale because you don't know the condition of that seat or if it's expired.

If you missed the event, you can always contact your local police or fire department for help installing your car seat.

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