Ohio shooting adds special significance to Toledo fallen officer ceremony

Ohio shooting adds special significance to Toledo fallen officer ceremony


Those who gave their lives serving and protecting us were honored at the Toledo Police Memorial on Friday, the same day a police chief in Kirkersville, OH was killed at a shooting at a nursing home.

One of those honored, Toledo Police detective Keith Dressel, died ten years ago in the line of duty.

The Toledo Police Department credits its training and relationship with the public as to why it hasn't seen an officer die in the line of duty in the last decade.

"We really are getting into more scenario-based training," said Chief George Kral, Toledo Police. "Where we'll actually set up a store front in our range. We'll do traffic stops with actual cars out on the street. We design scenarios based on what's been going on in the country."

Departments from NW Ohio and SE Michigan honored those who lost their lives in the line of duty at the Police Memorial.

Chief Kral said the news of the officer shot and killed is a reminder of the danger they face.

"It kind of gets them to be a little bit more less complacent than they may have been in the past," Kral said. "It just reiterates again and again how dangerous this line of work is."

Chief Kral believes another key piece of training, that reflects what happened in Friday's nursing home shooting, is de-escalation training.

"When we go somewhere for a call of service, 90% of the time someone is in a state of crisis," Kral explained. "Either they've been a victim or they're a suspect. They've witnessed something horrific. We use de-escalation even when there's not a gun involved."

Representatives from the Toledo Police Department will join officers from across the country in Washington DC next week for National Police Week.

Chief Kral also adds that the officers at the event will keep the fallen officer near Columbus and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

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