BGSU's new police chief addresses on-campus sexual assaults

BGSU's new police chief addresses on-campus sexual assaults

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Keeping college campuses safe is a hot topic, especially with an increased focus on sexual assaults.

Bowling Green is one of many colleges across the country trying to make their campus safer.

Michael Campus is BGSU's new chief in police. He was acting as an interim chief since October.

Campbell's first priority is engaging with students.

"We have international students who may not be familiar with law enforcement in the US," Chief Campbell said. "We have different members of our campus community that come from all over the country that may have varying experiences with law enforcement, some being positive, maybe some being negative."

Creating relationships with students is what Campbell says will help the department succeed. And with the recent uproar over the campus's so called "rape culture," Campbell says he's giving special attention to sexual assault.

"We want to make sure we are responding appropriately, making sure that we have good policies in place, not only in the police department, but campus-wide," Chief Campbell said.

BGSU's sexual assault task force is looking through the university's policies.

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