Maumee businesses coming to Arrowhead Park

Maumee businesses coming to Arrowhead Park

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Maumee Mayor Richard Carr said he's not worried about the future of Arrowhead Park. In fact, he's excited because of the things they have in the works bringing new jobs to the area.

"We understand there is businesses going to Downtown Toledo to follow ProMedica, and they would benefit from ProMedica, but it's good for downtown Toledo, which means it's good for Northwest Ohio, but, it's not hurting Maumee", saidCarr.

Driving around Arrowhead Park, there are still quite a few for lease signs up, but Carr said the city sees record income tax receipts and they're growing their actual business population.

"We do not have a garbage collection fee, we do not have a fire fee, so these businesses maintain our streets, maintain our parks, maintain our pools, and keep the city clean and safe", said Carr.

Carr said businesses moving into Maumee include Savage and Associates, bringing more than 100 employees. UPS just acquired more land to expand, and  a 17th hotel is in the works and the list continues.

"I think the future of Arrowhead Park is going to be great. Brondes Ford is putting an $8 million facility in there. There is also office space looking at there and other businesses that are going to go in", said Carr.

A major economic development project is in the works right now, and Carr said he expects an announcement in the next month.

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