City of Toledo plans to fund sidewalk repairs

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Bumps, cracks and crumbling concrete is the make-up of the disintegrating sidewalks throughout Toledo. However there is a city plan to fix all of that due to the increase in complaints.

The city plans to use $600,000 from its budget to go towards sidewalk repairs this summer beginning in July. Half of the money is capital improvement money and the other half is for assessed funding.

The city will evaluate the damage done to a sidewalk and determine if it will use its capital improvement money or assessed funding to fix the sidewalk.

The main area the city plans to focus on are on the hazardous sidewalks that are not level and serve as tripping hazards. These sidewalks are not level due to trees and their roots from underground. The city will use its capital improvement money to fix them

The assessed funding will help with sidewalks that have damages that are not done due to a tree in the right of way such as a sunken sidewalk or a crack in the sidewalk. The city will assess communities for these sidewalks and will make it the community's responsibility to pay for over the course of five years.

"We know it's important for our citizens to be able to utilize the sidewalk whether that be you're just a child or disabled or elderly or just everyone who's in the right of way needs a safe sidewalk so they're not out in traffic,"  said Doug Stephens of the engineering division for the City of Toledo.

The city of Toledo will be holding a public meeting to learn where the problems areas are from the community.

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