City releases amounts of rain that fell into basins and waterways

City releases amounts of rain that fell into basins and waterways

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city of Toledo released the amount of rain that fell last weekend and how much of that fell into the city's basins.

Julie Cousino, the Administrator for the Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI), keeps track of how rain mixes with raw sewage.

TWI is the federal mandate that forced the city to separate its storm water and sanitary sewer systems to cut down on combined sewer overflows.

From May 4 through May 7, 2.56 inches of rain fell. From that, 1,025 million gallons of water was treated at the Bay View Wastewater Treatment Plant and 73 million gallons were captured in the city's basins designed to hold the water until it can be properly treated.

Additionally, 128 million gallons of water overflowed into streams.

The city also provided the numbers from the four-day storm in June of 2015.

In that storm, 4.88 inches of rain fell. Of that, 1.128 million gallons were treated at the wastewater treatment plant, and 73 million gallons were captured in basins. But 344 million gallons overflowed into streams in 2015.

Some possible takeaways from this is that the same amount was captured in the basins. But more than 200 million gallons less water overflowed into streams in last week's storm than the storm in June of 2015.

City spokesperson Janet Schroeder said the TWI is reducing the combined sewer overflows.

Cousino said when all of the TWI projects are completed in 2020, there will be an 80% total reduction in untreated overflows.

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