Police release dashcam video of deadly Tiffin shootout

Police release dashcam video of deadly Tiffin shootout

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - The chilling radio call just in from a shooting in Tiffin where a Sheriff's deputy was hit, and the shooter killed was released today.

Dispatcher - "Hello 911"

Caller - "Help me! I'm at 133 Schonhardt Street. My husband has a rifle, and I have a restraining order against him."

That is what the wife of Scott Bloomfield said as she frantically dialed 911 while running for her life.

Dispatcher - "Ok, did you see which way he went?"

Caller - "No, I just turned around and ran. He ripped the handle off of my car on the driver's side. So I crawled over the passenger side and I opened the door and ran."

But Bloomfield had left, and for a currently unknown reason drove to Tecumseh Drive, where he barged into the home of 25 year old Johnny Reino and stabbed him.

All of the neighbors we spoke with say Tecumseh Trail is one of the most peaceful and quiet neighborhoods around which is why they are so shocked at the events that took place on their street.

Tiffin PD Officer radio call - "Just be advised, he does have the rifle, he does have a scope!"

"And then the officers responded with fire. And one of the officers, the Sheriff's deputy that was shot, he laid right out there at the end of out driveway." said Greg Leopold, who has lived on Tecumseh Drive for decades.

Tiffin PD Officer - "We have an officer down, officer down!"

Police Chief - "Get EMS rolling."

Tiffin PD Officer - "I need an ambulance, I need an ambulance!"

Bloomfield was shot in the neck, he later died at the hospital.

Sheriff's Deputy Luke Cantu was shot in the shoulder and was flown to Toledo Mercy Saint Vincent's hospital.

Reino was also flown to St V's.

Because the shooting involved an officer, the investigation was taken over by BCI, and will release more details in this case later.

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