Testimony continues in the Daniel Clay trial

Testimony continues in the Daniel Clay trial

MONROE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - The trial against Daniel Clay continued with the second day of testimony Wednesday.

Clay accused of killing Chelsea Bruck after a Halloween party in October 2014.

Bruck's body was found in April 2015 on the property of John Marcon in Ash Township in Monroe County.

Marcon testified that he was excavating his property to prepare to build on it when one of his trucks got stuck.

"I was actually looking back at the pile of dirt to see if I could get the dozer back there because it's a tight area and then I looked up to the left and that's when I noticed the body," Marcon said.

Some jurors became emotional after seeing the images of the skeletal remains of Bruck's body.

Marcon also became emotional during his testimony along with members of Bruck's family.

Following Marcon's testimony, ?Detective Brian Sroka, the officer who was the first on the scene where Bruck's remains were found, took the stand.

He says the body was found under a pile of logs or tree branches. He testified her remains looked like they were left undisturbed for six months.

"The body had long black hair and there was a little bit of hair several feet to the west away from the body," Detective Sroka said on the stand. "So we don't know if the hair blew away or if an animal had gotten a hold of it at that point. That's the only thing that stood out was that there was a little bit of hair away from the body, several feet."

Detective Sroka said investigators spent seven hours on the scene where Bruck's body was found.

Jennifer Rizk, a forensics expert, testified about evidence found on the costume Bruck wore at the Halloween party.

She said the straps and the crotch of the costume had been torn. Because the leotard was re-enforced with elastic at the hem, Rizk testified it would take a great force to tear it.

Testimony will pickup Thursday morning.

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