Money Talks News: Time to start saving is in your 20s

Money Talks News: Time to start saving is in your 20s

Money Talks News - Many young people are thinking more about fun than their future, while others set clear financial goals.

Financial planner Melinda Kibler is in her 20s. She says planing early is crucial to financial success.

"We hear that all the time. It's kind of the stuff as you go through your 20s, just wanting to get the student loans paid off, and then start progressing with your cash savings for emergencies, and then, of course, maybe in your late 20s you're ready to buy a property, buy a house," said Kibler.

So what is an appropriate first step for people in their 20s?

"Create a game plan. That's realistic: That's the most important part," Kibler said. "Create a game plan that's realistic. In the game plan you're going to put your short-term, your mid-term and your long-term goals."

Got your plan?

Now it's time to execute by putting money aside to reach your goals. Time is on your side.

If a 25-year old couple saves just $200 a month, and earns 8 percent, they will have an extra $626,080 by the time they reach 65.

Something else super-important?

Avoiding the common money mistakes young people make.

Always try to avoid debt as much as you can and remember that saving small and soon is much better than saving large and later.

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