Call 11 for Action: Demolishing run down Toledo homes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Blighted homes in Toledo are being demolished by the hundreds.

It's all part of the Lucas County Land Bank's pledge to demolish, or rehab, 1,500 homes by the year 2020.

Funded by millions of dollar from the state, they are ahead of schedule.

Since announcing the program in July of last year, Land Bank Chairman Wade Kapszukiewicz says they've torn down 375 properties.

He says it attracts more businesses and people, but it has an even higher value to the people living here.

"They also impact an intangible, but still real sense of community pride," Kapszukiewicz said. "And I think there are people all over the community that are upset when they see vacant, blighted properties because it tells them something wrong has happened in the neighborhood and they want to fight to get it back."

The Lucas County Land Bank will rehab any home that has even a remote chance of being saved and 400 already have been rehabbed.

For a list of neighborhoods being worked on and which are next, follow this link.

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