Wood County domestic violence shelter expands

Wood County domestic violence shelter expands

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The Wood County domestic and sexual violence shelter is doubling in size.

This new facility comes with state of the art security, but also space to make victims feel like home.

"We have survivors that have told us that I can finally breathe, I can finally stop feeling like I have to look over my shoulder, I can finally start thinking about what is that next step," said Interim Executive Director Kathy Mull.

The shelter is going from having 12 beds to 24, a change Mull says is much needed.

"Last year alone we had 34 requests for shelter that we could not fill," Mull said. "And so we knew that there was a need for us to be able to serve more families."

The survivors who stay here only make up about 10 percent of victims the Cocoon helps. Mull says these victims truly have nowhere else to go.

The new space is filled with three kitchens, seven bedrooms and places for kids, teens and adults to feel safe.

"There is a lot more community space so giving survivors the chance to build some community and get support amongst one another. We're really hoping that the survivors who come in can feel all of those things," said Mull.

Families generally stay around 60 days and Mulls says every dollar they get is strategically spent helping the families. She says she feels very fortunate to serve a community who understands their need.

"From day one when we opened our doors 12 years ago to this week, when we are able to start sharing our new shelter facility, all of that came from community support," Mull said.

The Cocoon operates a 24-hour crisis hotline if you or anyone you know has experienced sexual or domestic violence. The number is (419) 373-1730.

They are also working to continue the next phases of their projects, and if anyone is interested in donating, they ask you to contact them via Facebook.

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