Local Advertising firm moving to downtown Toledo

Local Advertising firm moving to downtown Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - More good news for the downtown revitalization in Toledo, but does it mean bad news for another community in the area?

Hart, a local advertising and marketing firm has announced they will be moving operations to downtown Toledo. This adds another piece to the downtown economic boon, but it also means the City of Maumee is losing yet another business.

About 25 Years ago Hart left Downtown Toledo to move into Maumee's Arrowhead Park.

"Toledo downtown at the time maybe wasn't as vibrant as it is today. There wasn't as much excitement and enthusiasm." said CEO Mike Hart.

Back then Hart only had 18 employees. Now they have 80 in which 60 of them work at the Maumee location.

To accommodate the growth, Mike Hart became a partner in the Hylant building in downtown on the corner of Madison and Michigan. Hart will move into and renovate floors 6 and 7 of the building.

The move is also expected to not only help in employee retention, but additional growth as well.

"Also, recruitment of our people, make it exciting for our customers, and certainly we are excited about the revitalization of our community." said Hart.

Though it seems more and more businesses are leaving Maumee for either downtown Toledo or elsewhere, City of Maumee administrator John Jezak said that just as many new businesses are moving in as they moving out, they just aren't as high profile.

According to Mike hart, each location is beneficial for a variety of businesses.

"We have nothing but great things to say about Maumee and Arrowhead, but we wanted to be a part of the renaissance of our community. I think as the city grows, our business grows. And as our business grows, it's great for all of us." said Hart

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