Teachers' union approves new contract

Teachers' union approves new contract

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Federation of Teachers voted in favor of a three-year agreement with Toledo Public Schools.

A spokesperson for the union says she feels the agreement offers a competitive salary and the language supports teachers. The spokesperson said the union is satisfied with the agreement.

Teacher Katina Johnson says the timing of the agreement was important.

"It would just be comforting to have an agreement that has been voted on an agreed-upon by all parties and reached before the end of the school year," Johnson said.

Johnson also feels the new contract will benefit not just teachers, but students and their parents.

"And I think it reassures our community too," Johnson said. "You know a strong school system supports our community and vice-versa. And when we have community partners that know that our schools are stable, it's like they always have a home."

This is the first time in several years the district and union have agreed on a multi-year contract.

"Previously there was a one-year contract, so just being able to operate in good faith and move forward and knowing that we have three years of stability, that's a very positive move," Johnson said.

However, before the deal is set in stone, the school board will have to approve the agreement in a meeting scheduled for May 18.

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