Golf carts may soon cruise streets in Bowling Green

Golf carts may soon cruise streets in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Another community is discussing the possibility of allowing golf carts on the streets.

This happened after a neighbor in Stone Ridge in Bowling Green drove their golf cart on a public road, and the city received a complaint.

City leaders are now thinking about allowing golf carts on some streets, but not without restrictions.

"As we're writing the legislation, we're trying to identify where we feel most comfortable for golf carts being and where we are leaning right now is 25mph roads," said Joe Fawcett, Bowling Green City Administrator.

This would exclude some roads with more traffic, even if the speed limit is low.

Some residents have asked how many people actually have golf carts?
Fawcett says he has heard a lot from neighbors who live in golfing communities. He says the administration understands where they're coming from, but after the state law in January, these golf carts also must pass inspection first.

"The vehicle needs to get titled and registered just like any other vehicle so you have to go to the BMV and get a license plate for your golf cart," Fawcett said.

Fawcett says he's been looking at the way Toledo has handled golf carts.

Bowling Green city council will have to review the legislation through three readings, before passing any law.

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