Local farmers still dealing with last weeks rainfall

Local farmers still dealing with last weeks rainfall

(WTOL) - While most of northwest Ohio has finally seems to have dried out after lasts weeks heavy rainfall, the after-effects of the storms are still lingering for a few of us in the rural areas.

The bean field near Genoa owned by Myers family of Ottawa County more resembles a lake than an agricultural field.

And they are not alone. Dozens of fields throughout northwest Ohio look the same, but its an issue that comes with the farming profession.

"This is it. This is what Dad always says, 'you know, why play at the casino? Because you roll the dice everyday trying to figure out what's going to happen here,'" said Rita Myers.

Usually at this point, farmers are busy in their fields tilling and preparing the ground for seeding. This prime window only last a few weeks, and if delayed further into the summer, potential harvest numbers can dwindle.

"That's what the insurance people are for, that's their job," said Rita.

Which is why a pump has been running nonstop since yesterday. And with much less chance of rain this week compared to last week, the Myers family is hoping to see the body of water on their fields gone soon.

"I think it'll be alright. The pump will do it's job and we'll be able to get in there," said Rita.

Not all of the fields in the region have standing water, but they are still a bit too muddy for equipment. But area farmers are optimistic they will be in their fields within the next few weeks.

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