Suspect arrested in attempted pharmacy robbery

Suspect arrested in attempted pharmacy robbery

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police have found the man responsible for the attempted robbery at Toledo Family Pharmacy Monday afternoon.

Joshua Gibson was arrested by TPD Wednesday evening for aggravated robbery.

According to Toledo police, Gibson went into Toledo Family Pharmacy and said he was picking up a prescription for James Carter. Gibson then jumped on the counter and presented a handgun, demanding narcotics.

"He jumped up on the counter, pulled out a gun and just pointed it at us," said Toledo Family Pharmacy owner, and pharmacist, Hussein El Khatib. "People were yelling, crying. Some were scared extremely scared obviously."

Hussein El Khatib said most of the employees ducked down.

Gibson attempted to fire the gun, but it jammed. One of the employees attempted to grab the Gibson, who fell backward off the counter and fled the pharmacy. No one was hurt.

"After I pushed him off, he lost his balance and I shut the window right away.At that point I yelled call the cops. Everyone was just scared, crying chaos. I myself, I left outside and chased him down the street," el Khatib said. "Natural instinct and trying to show him don't come into my house and think you're going to get away like that. You know, who are you to intimidate me with a gun? I'm not scared."

Toledo police say more of these pharmacy robberies that are happening are likely tied to the opiate addiction problem in our area.

Police also thanked the community for the tips they received throughout their search.

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