Freeze Warning tonight - what should you do with your plants?

(WTOL/WOIO) - With as warm as it has been this spring so far, many people have been working out in their flowerbeds and yards for weeks. Mother's Day flowers may have been planted or are sitting on a porch ready to be presented to a lucky mom.

There's a freeze warning Sunday night for the entire WTOL 11 viewing area, but really everyone who has something growing outside that they care about should be careful.

Joe Schill of Green Impressions says there's a way to protect your plants.

"One of the things I would recommend doing is trying to cover your foliage with something. We recommend something breathable. A lot of people may use some plastics or a tarp they have laying around. I would recommend a burlap type fabric - something that is breathable," said Schill.

How exactly should you blanket those plants? Try to make sure that the covering you are using more than just touches the ground.

"If this is the plant right here, if we can take it all the way down to the ground, and seal it some way, using a couple of loose bricks or pieces if wood, I would highly recommend that. That way you are trapping that ground temperature so it doesn't escape," added Schill.

Potted plants should be brought inside.

"If you have pots that are already planted, sitting out on your front yard, I would recommend bringing those in the garage. That is the easiest thing to do. That way we are not talking a risk if we get some high winds, of something blowing off,"

If you forget and your plant gets too cold, it won't kill the plant but you could lose any tender new growth, according to Schill. Plants, he says, get tricked into thinking it's winter again.

But just remember, it's not winter! Warmer days are ahead!

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