Will local Amtrak service soon be dead in it's tracks? Train Day attendees hope not

Will local Amtrak service soon be dead in it's tracks? Train Day attendees hope not

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The sunny skies on Saturday brought out hundreds of Toledo train enthusiasts to celebrate the 10th annual National Train Day, where many in attendance hope history will be on the fast track to the future.

The walls don't shake much anymore with the rumble and the roar of the big passenger trains that used to roll down the rails at Toledo Union Station, but lots of folks wish they did.

"We are here to help educate the people of Toledo and northern Ohio on the importance of the  passenger rail," said Bob Becker with the National Railway Passenger Association.

It was a message not lost on those in attendance who have all heard the recent warnings that Amtrak trains in Ohio may be headed for a collision with draconian budget cuts in 2018.

Those cuts could derail the future of passenger trains in this part of the country.

"They would eliminate all Amtrak service in Toledo and northern Ohio," said Becker.

Not a bright prospect for those want to keep the promise of high speed rail on track and on the horizon, and who want to keep passenger rail travel from becoming more than just a black and white memory.

Becker says traveling by train doesn't have to be just part of an occasional vacation but could be part of everyday life.

"It's not just for travel but for work, medical treatment, college students, everybody," said Becker.

For now at least, everybody at the event can just wait and listen to see what the future brings down the track.

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