Port Clinton business takes Internet by storm

Port Clinton business takes Internet by storm

PORT CLINTON, OH (WTOL) - Early Friday morning Fisherman's Wharf had about 1,900 likes on Facebook, but by Friday night they were up to more than 3,300
all thanks to more than 5,000 shares of their video after heavy rain caused flooding on North Madison Street in Port Clinton.

Fisherman's Wharf posted three videos getting a combined total of more than 222,000 new views in just one day.

With the wind gusting off Lake Erie, employees at Fisherman's Wharf in Port Clinton did their part to try to contain the flooding off the Portage River…
with a squeegee.

They haven't taken one of their head boats out since Monday because of the poor weather conditions, but took advantage of their downtime and flooded storefront.

While stuck inside the crew came up with the idea to make three videos.

One trying to push the flooded waters back into the Portage River, another as a lifeguard at a swimming pool also known as the flooded street and a third featuring the "Ginger Frogman."

"The first one stemmed from sandbags that really didn't work to keep water out of the store the last time so we kind of made a joke that we were going to use a squeegee," said Eric Langermeier, the video's star and a boat captain. "Then I saw people walking around the street and we needed a lifeguard out there. The water got high, I was worried and then the last one we found a set of fins and a snorkel and that idea kind of grew from there."

Employees say their owners allow them to have fun and that sparked the discussion of making the videos, and they say Eric is always up for a good joke.

"He's one of those guys, you might have a good idea, but there's no way you'd do it," said Marc Wolfe, store manager. "If you mention it to him, he's all aboard."

"You can't sit inside all the time," said Eric Langermeier. "You've got to have some kind of fun so that's why we did it."

Eric stars in all three videos, he says it all started with one comment and quickly grew from there. He never expected so many to would watch their videos.

While the weather may have prohibited several customers from coming into Fisherman's Wharf, their videos could bring additional business with the recent attention on social media, but they say that was never their intention.

"We just want people to smile, I mean we didn't do this as a way to get more customers and stuff," said Marc Wolfe. "People follow us on Facebook, check in daily, we give them updates try to make it fun for people… We spruced it up and today we spruced it up a little bit better than normal."

"It's quite humbling and we're really thankful for the outpouring we're getting," said the newfound star Langermeier. "We just keep updating Facebook more and more than we ever have before. Usually we check it once a day and now we're clicking it every couple minutes to do the math."

While the crew hopes to get back normal business and out on the water again early next week, they say more videos are in their future. You never know when you'll see the "Ginger Frogman" somewhere in Port Clinton.

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