Driving safe in rain means turning on headlights

Driving safe in rain means turning on headlights

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It has been a while since northwest Ohio has experienced the great amount rain it's getting this spring season and Ohio Highway State Patrol wants drivers to be stay safe.

One of the most useful and safest parts of a car are its headlights. Especially when it's raining.

"If you turn your windshield wipers on because of the weather your headlights need to come on. So if that means you need to physically reach down and turn them on that's what you need to do," said Lt. Shaun Robinson of Ohio State Highway Patrol.

It may seem like an obvious step but OSHP say it's the one that drivers often forget.

"We're so used to having automatic head lights. When it starts getting darker they automatically kick on. Well during the day that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to automatically kick on," said Robinson.

Drivers won't be pulled over for not turning on their car's headlights during the day but OSHP suggests that just like slowing down and driving defensively, it is incredibly important.

"The more you can make yourself visible in inclement weather the safe you're going to be, that let everyone else know where you are."

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