Findlay officials continue to monitor Blanchard River

Findlay officials continue to monitor Blanchard River

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Findlay officials and residents alike are continuing to closely watch the Blanchard River Friday to see when the river will crest.

The National Weather Service says the river will crest sometime midday on Saturday at 12 feet. If the river reaches 14 feet, water will begin to spillover into downtown Findlay.

Officials say thanks to the rain tapering off on Thursday and Friday, the river's high will only reach moderate flood levels.

The rainfall seemed to be slow enough throughout the Blanchard River watershed to allow the water to pass through the downtown area.

"We still want to be mindful that any heavy doses of rain in any of these bands that are coming through town right now could change that situation," said Mayor Lydia Mihalik. "But the good news is people here are prepared for if and when that happens and we'll continue to go about our business."

While the river slowly rose, progress was made for the future.

The Maumee Watershed Conservancy District judge's panel gave final approval to the $20 million benching project that is expected to lower flood waters by one foot through downtown Findlay.

"That's significant for this community. I would say that that is one of the most significant and meaningful mediation projects that we've done in our history," said Mayor Mihalik.

The Hancock County EMA says the National Weather Service will be actively taking measurements throughout the day.

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