Findlay preparing for major flooding

Findlay preparing for major flooding

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Findlay residents are familiar all too familiar with flooding. And with each system bringing heavy rain, there are concerns about the Blanchard River overflowing.

Findlay offered free sandbags to residents to help prevent flooding from getting into homes and businesses nearby the river.

"We've been pretty steadily busy all day," said Cody Glick, who was part of the team helping to fill and hand out sandbags. "We have just taken a count and we've done over a thousand bags so far."

Residents picking up the bags know the bags may be their best option at protecting their homes.

"We had to do the whole basement before," said Findlay resident John Mongeith. "Definitely will keep most of the water from getting up on the porch and into the basement."

The city is expecting at least three inches of rain by Friday, but it could be more.

The Blanchard reaches flood stage at 13 feet with the roads in downtown Findlay becoming impassable at 14 feet.

"That 13-and-a-half foot level for us is when we jump into major flood stage," said Mayor Lydia Mihalik. "We can handle minor and moderate flooding in Findlay, but major flood stage kinda changes our tone a little bit."

The American Red Cross is ready to set up an emergency evacuation center for residents if needed. That decision will be made Friday.

The Red Cross urges everyone in flood-prone areas to make sure their sump pumps are working and elevate any items in their basements.

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