Not all airbags are equally safe

Not all airbags are equally safe

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Airbags were created to save our lives, however, not all airbags are created equally.

An estimated 750,000 airbags are replaced every year after an accident, some of those being recycled from scrap vehicles. While using recycled airbags keeps the cost low, it can be high risk.

Travis Royer , the Lead Technician at Toledo Auto Care says it isn't uncommon for places to use recycled airbags in order to make a quick buck.

"It seems like more of the less reputable car sales places that kind of piece a car together to put it back on the market to save some money, so I think dealing with a reputable dealer is very important," said Royer.

When a recycled air bag goes off, sometimes it causes more harm than preventing it.

"Sometimes they find out that fragments of metal are getting shot out when that explosion is going on and it injures people," said Royer

It's important to do research on car's history because it's not always easy to determine if an airbag is new or not.

"It's not immediately obvious whether an airbag is recycled or if it's a new one," explains Royer. "So going with a CarFax report, knowing if the vehicle's been in an accident, and if it's been prepared properly and knowing what facility it was repaired at is good information."

Technicians will be looking for an ID number allowing just the airbag to be tracked. Once tracked, you can determine whether it's new or not.

To be better safe than sorry, insist on OEM original replacement parts or request the parts order form.

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