Potent strain of fentanyl now in northwest Ohio

Potent strain of fentanyl now in northwest Ohio

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police in western Pennsylvania are calling it "Narcan-resistant." Now, Acryl Fentanyl has made its way to northwest Ohio.

Chief Toxicologist with the Lucas County Coroner's Office, Dr. Robert Forney said there have been three confirmed cases of Acryl Fentanyl so far this year.

"I've got another case that probably we'll confirm. We've got several more that are could-be's that aren't far enough along in the analytical process to confirm," said Dr. Forney.

Dr. Forney said Acryl Fentanyl isn't exactly Narcan-resistant, but It's extremely potent.

He said, "It's just, how much Narcan do you have to use? It takes more Narcan, and depending on the first responder, the question then is, 'how much Narcan does the first responder have?'"

Dr. Forney says what makes these drug batches particularly dangerous, is that they're mixed with many things and that could be part of the reason why Narcan doesn't work.

"If there's something else in it that might not actually respond to Narcan at all, because it's not an opiate, that could mean that this one was lethal even though Narcan has been used," said Dr. Forney.

Dr. Forney said while Acryl Fentanyl is more potent than both heroin and fentanyl, the most potent drug we've seen in our area is still Carfentanil, the elephant tranquilizer.

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