Jury views evidence in Ray Abou Arab trial

Jury views evidence in Ray Abou Arab trial

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The heartbreaking testimony continues in the trial of Ray Abou Arab, the man charged who is being charged with deaths of firefighters Steve Machcinski and Jamie Dickman.

The jury heard from several firefighters about how the heat of the fire increased at the Magnolia Apartments. However Thursday morning the jury got a first-hand look at the intensity of the heat by viewing the gear Machcinski and Dickman wore inside.

Seeing the gear has possibly been the most powerful image from the trial so far.

Wednesday, the firefighter who rescued Machcinski testified that his helmet and face mask were melted to the firefighter when he was found.

Private Dickman's boot, oxygen tank and mask along with his radio were also shown to the jury.

According to testimony, Dickman's skin was letting off so much heat, paramedics were not even able to touch him. However, witnesses said they did everything they could to resuscitate him.

"Nothing could have prepared me for what i smelled, and what i saw when i climbed in the back of that ambulance," testified Private Meredith Hill.

Private Lake Molnar said, "I was trying to manage the airway with the help of another fireman -  there was other members doing CPR. They started an IO, they gave him general cardiac medicine to try and start his heart. The whole time there was no signs of life."

The officer who collected the evidence told the jury about something that concerned him days after the fire. He said that an investigator allowed Ray Abou Arab inside the Huron Market, the store attached to the apartment, alone.

He testified the store was part of the investigation scene and that goes against protocol to allow a civilian enter alone.

"Investigator Frames allowed him back in. It wasn't my case, it wasn't my determination, it wasn't my call, I just thought it was very peculiar that he would allow that to happen."

The defense questioned the officer that if it was against protocol, did he try to stop it from happening and he said no.

The jury heard radio transmissions during testimonies. In those transmissions, dispatchers told fire crews the building was occupied, but when crews arrived, they received word everyone was out.

Firefighters taking the stand were questioned by both the state and the defense about the decision to enter the building if they knew everyone was evacuated from the building.

Along with the firefighters' gear, the jury also viewed the clothing Ray Abou was wearing while being question at the police station. Authorities questioned about the clothing and sealed it in airtight bags.

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