Perrysburg Schools discusses the future of education for their students

Perrysburg Schools discusses the future of education for their students

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg Schools partnered with the University of Toledo's Judith Herb College of education to discuss the future of education.

They say the industry hasn't changed in a while and now is the time it should.

"We're still stuck in that kind of era of bringing kids 45 record technology into the classroom and saying go out in the world and compete," said Perrysburg Schools Superintendent Tom Hosler. "We're seeing that, that can't continue. That's not sustainable, so we want to bring those kinds of changes into the classroom."

With technology at the tips of our fingers, teachers are discovering new ways to help your students learn in the classroom.

"It's absolutely critical that there is an openness that we develop within our students so that when they are moving into the classroom that they are able to think on their feet, they are able to adjust quickly, very rapidly and learn new technology," explained Dr. Virginia Keil, interim dead of the Judith Herb College of Education at UT.

Parents got a chance to see how hands-on technology can be used effectively in the classroom from drones to robots and more. Students say these tools makes all the difference.

"I think it is very important that teachers should have a lot of technology cause it's a growing thing in the world and it's not going anywhere," said Nolan Matus, a sophomore at Perrysburg High School.

"I am just so proud that my kids are going to a school system that embraces and wants to look at better ways to do it," said Robin Scheff, a mother of three students in Perrysburg Schools." I think it's just a great idea."

Perrysburg Schools Superintendent says this is just the beginning and if they are going to be successful it requires that all get involved, from staff to parents.

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