Troopers to focus on buckling up on 'All Out Day'

Troopers to focus on buckling up on 'All Out Day'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Northwest Ohio has seen 22 more lives lost on the roads at this year than at the same time last year. The State of Ohio as a whole has only seen 14 more. Therefore, without the huge uptick in northwest Ohio, there would be a reduction.

"This year, including the traffic fatality we're dealing with right now out in Williams County, we've had 49 people killed in traffic crashes," OSHP District Commander Lt William Bowers said.

Lieutenant Bowers says one of the leading causes of this trend is drivers failing to buckle up.

Thursday troopers hope to put a halt to these lives being lost. They are having what troopers call an 'All Out Day.'

"People that would typically be administrators, such as myself that would typically doing paperwork or going to meetings and stuff like that, we're going to be out on the road working," Lt. Bowers said.

An extreme focus of this 'All Out Day' will be on seat belts,and with the severe amount of rain in the forecast Thursday, buckling up could save lives.

"If someone does slide or hyd roplanes in the vehicle behind you and they strike you, you're going to be less likely to sustain injury," said Lt. Bowers.

Bowers says it starts with parents who are driving with their kids in the car.

He says it's imperative to set an example by buckling up, putting phones away and paying attention.

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