City of Findlay offering free sandbags for potential floods

City of Findlay offering free sandbags for potential floods
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The threat of heavy rain in the coming days has residents in low-lying areas preparing for high waters.

Flooding in Findlay is nothing new, but county officials still want to remind residents what to expect with the potentially first flood of the year.

The city is taking proactive measures to prepare for possible major river flooding with potential levels of 12 to 14.5 feet. Maps of inundation levels are available on the city's website under flood information.

Sandbags will be available starting Thursday morning at the city's employee parking lot at 224 West Crawford Street.

On Wednesday, Lee Swisher, EMA Director for Hancock County, was busy meeting with or calling city and county officials and emergency responders to make sure everyone is on the same page for flood preparedness.

"If it's spread out throughout the whole entire watershed, it will all converge back down into the river and that could impact us. Compared to when it's splotchy and like our typical thunderstorms, we don't get a lot of flooding, other than flash flooding because it's kind of all over the place," Swisher said. "But this is going to be a large event, through multiple states even."

Swisher says flood mitigation efforts have already helped a little by removing flood prone properties. But flooding is expected in the usual areas of Eagle Creek and the low lying areas adjacent to the river.

Swisher not only wants drivers to be wary of high water over roadways, but to report them when they see it.

"If you find a road that is flooded and it doesn't have any barricades, call a dispatch center, call the Sheriff's office, call Findlay police and let them know because maybe that crossed the road and we're not aware of it yet," said Swisher.

The American Red Cross in Findlay is making plans to staff a shelter in the event of Blanchard River flooding.

Director Todd James says volunteers have been busy today collecting supplies for a shelter. He says the Red Cross isn't ready to announce the location of the shelter. James says that will come once Emergency Management staff has a better idea of the flood threat.

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