Slime craze leads to glue shortage on stores' shelves

Slime craze leads to glue shortage on stores' shelves

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Homemade slime is the craze sweeping across the country. Even Toledo stores can't keep the key ingredient on the shelf.

"It's exploded in the past couple of months," said Jennifer Kwasniak of Michael's craft store.

Stores like Michael's, like many across the country, are having a hard time keeping their shelves stocked with glue.

"We love it. Kids love it. We're helping them make lots of slime," Kwasniak said.

The store even held a free slime bar where more than 90 kids showed up to make the toy.

"Glue is the number one thing. We were selling out of it very quickly. But Elmer's has been awesome and they've been sending us shipments," Kwasniak explained.

The recent craze has brought some concern. Some parents and kids are finding recipes online that contain a harsh detergent that can irritate skin.

"Some of them are laundry detergents," Kwasniak said. "It's burning kids skin because you have to mix it with your hands, and then they play with it a lot. Then inhaling it when their mixing it. A lot of kids have been hospitalized. it's been doing damage to their longs,"

One mother of three knows the craze and the concern well.

"That's scary," said Olivia Hunt. "But also as a parent you would hope that as soon as you start noticing some redness, irritation you would think 'Oh my gosh no,' and take that away and stop."

The safe recipe is simply Elmer's glue, Baking Powder and Contact Solution. You can also add in glitter, paint or beads.

For more information on safe recipes Michael's has a full link here.

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