Money Talks News: Best things to buy in May

Money Talks News: Best things to buy in May

(Money Talks News) - May is the month generally considered to be the beginning of summer. And if you plan on some early summer shopping, we have a few tips on what the hot buys are.

Beginning with Memorial Day, you will see huge deals on spring clothing from Macy's, Amazon and other retailers.

Memorial Day also has great deals on mattresses. 'Deal News' says you can get deals for at least 50 percent off, but you can increase those savings even more with coupons.

And with people leaving the office for summer vacation, May is good month to get office furniture. Office Depot, Staples, Walmart and Target all have deals for desks and chairs.

So what are the duds of the month?

Avoid buying a laptop until back-to-school sales begin in late June.

While you might want a new grill for summer, Labor Day offers the best prices.

For more May deals and duds, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "deals."

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