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Firefighters share chilling testimonies of trying to rescue fallen brothers

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Toledo Fire Private Steve Machcinski (left) and Private Jamie Dickman (right) Toledo Fire Private Steve Machcinski (left) and Private Jamie Dickman (right)

The third day of testimony in the murder of trial of Ray Abou Arab was another difficult one for all who were in the courtroom Wednesday morning.

Ray Abou Arab is being charged with the murders of firefighters Stephen Machcinski and Jamie Dickman.

The families of the two fallen firefighters learned of more details since their loved ones died.

Along with the families, jurors heard the minute by minute account of how firefighters worked to rescue Machcinski and Jamie Dickman from the deadly apartment fire four years ago.

The firefighters involved had to recount and relive the horrific memory time and time again.

A member of TFD who was assigned to the RIT team of Rapid Intervention Team at the scene of the fire described hearing the mayday call over the radio and trying to rescue his brothers inside.

Captain Harman said his team tried entering the room Machcinski and Dickman were in immediately however the heat was so intense, it burned one of the firefighter’s face and another's helmet.

Finally they were able to cool the fire down and searched for the two on their hands and knees until the two were found. Dickman was located first.

Captain Harman was the one to find Jamie Dickman

"As we emerged into the daylight I could see and his face was right there and his eyes were closed. He was lifeless, purple, and swollen. One of his ears was burned, his equipment straps were damaged, " said Captain Harman.

Captain Ron Magors took the stand later and explained his decision to go back and find Machcinski, who was still missing the building.

"He hadn't been found yet," Magors said with a pause to collect his emotions. "My job was to get to him if I can get to him."

The defense, during their cross-examination, tried to show mistakes were made by the fire department and proper protocol was not followed. 

The defense also wanted to know why a thermal imaging camera was not taken in to search for the lost firefighters.  They also had several questions on the lack of the safety officer position on the department at the time of the fire.

Two comfort dogs, TFD'S dog Smokey and another dog named Anna, were seen roaming the halls offering support for such a difficult day of testimony. 

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