Bedford Township discusses medical marijuana future under Michigan law

Bedford Township discusses medical marijuana future under Michigan law

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Bedford Township residents are learning more about a new law that would allow medical marijuana facilities into their community.

Michigan will begin taking applications for medical marijuana facilities this coming December. That's why Bedford Township is discussing what they want to do in the future.

Dozens gathered at Bedford Township's Town Hall tonight to discuss the pros and cons of medical marijuana. A handful of residents stood at the podium to explain their thoughts.

"Where you have pot or any kind of drugs, crime always follows," one resident said at the meeting.

"At night I put a d rop of marijuana oil on a band-aid, tape it to my nose and my skin cancer is almost gone," another said.

Bedford Township is asking their community for input on if they should create an ordinance to allow facilities within the marijuana industry to open for business in their community.

Several raised concerns for children in the community, while others discussed how it could prevent some from trying opioids and more.

"I think it can be done somewhere else," explained Bob Smotherman, a Bedford Township resident. "I don't think it has to be done here, therefore lies the concern about the rest of it and the other part of it doesn't go away and that's people growing it at home."

"It's no different than the pharmaceutical company that makes Ritalin, that makes aspirin, that makes Motrin," said Robyne Bush, a Temperance resident. "We want to bring that here, we want to regulate it and we want to be able to provide a service. It is foolish not to look at the economic second order effect of that."

Township officials say they've had several requests from businesses, but they're just beginning the discussion and are far from a decision.

"We are starting this early, being proactive," said Bedford Township Supervisor Paul Pirrone. "December is going to come quick though, but we don't have to make a decision by then, we don't have to make a decision at all and that's the beauty of it."

While townships can apply under the new law this December, officials say there is no need to rush, they can wait and see how things play out in the future.

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