Athlete of the Week: Brenda Radabaugh

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Brenda Radabaugh got her first taste of coaching when she was in high school.

"Some parents asked me to coach a 12 and under team that my little sister was on," Radabaugh said. "A good friend of mine and I, we were two high school kids, we were coaching that team, and I just had a blast that summer."

Now she's in her 17th season at the helm of the Clay Eagles, and just reached a major milestone in her softball coaching career: win No. 500.

"I've been very lucky to have a lot of talented athletes that work very, very hard," Radabuagh said. "And I've had some very good assistant coaches over the years too that make a huge difference. There's no way I could do this myself."

The win ranks Radabaugh in the top 10 of all-time winningest coaches in the state of Ohio.

And along the way, Radabaugh has coached the Eagles to 11 league titles, five district championships and has had several players go on to compete at the collegiate level.

"You know I'm proud to have them around, I'm proud of what they've done, and it's just very cool to see them want to come back and give back to the program," she said.

For this year's team, they say they're happy they were the ones to bring that big win home for their coach.

"I was very proud to be there that day," said Rebekah Yenrick, Clay senior captain. "My coach deserves it, she deserves everything."

"She's one of the best coaches I've ever had," said Natalie Quinlan, Clay junior captain. "It's just a great thing to be a part of, and I'm very proud that she's able to get this because she's a great coach."

"It has been years and years of a lot of people putting forth their effort, so I'm very proud that we all got to be a part of this moment and try our best to get her the 500 wins," said Regan Stager, Clay junior captain.

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