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Faces of Flint: Woman concerned with high water bill

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A Mid-Michigan woman is questioning the cost of her water bill.

She said it can't be that high when she is barely home to use it.

"I don't think they have a lot of empathy, not at the water department," said Martha Fordham, Flint resident.

She said the customer service she received from the city's water department has been less than stellar. Fordham said her water bill is too high and when she asked the city why her water bill increased $170 a month, the customer service agent was rude and of little help.

"With the situation here in Flint, sometimes I think you feel really powerless and like no one is listening to you when you ask questions. I just want to know why the bill is so high," Fordham said.

She said her water bill increased when the credits offered from the city's water crisis expired. Credit or no credit she said $170 a month for water doesn't seem right for a house that is usually empty as she works in Saginaw and her only child is in school all day.

"It's just not making any sense to me because it's just me and my son and we don't, most of our day at home, use water. So I'm just confused as to why it's so expensive," Fordham said.

She wishes customer service would have offered her some solutions on how to reduce her water bill, like check for leaks or sent someone out to check her water meter instead of being short with her on the phone.

"When people have questions they should be there to answer those questions in a way that's respectful and courteous. I feel like the person I talked to was really abrupt," Fordham said.

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