AAA report recommends $146 billion in safety improvements to Ohio roads

AAA report recommends $146 billion in safety improvements to Ohio roads

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Travel company, AAA is recommending $146 billion in safety improvements be made to Ohio roads. It's all to reverse an upward trend in traffic deaths.

A new report suggests six improvements with the greatest potential to reduce crashes on Ohio roads. One of them is installing energy-absorbing barriers.

"Tend to do a good job of keeping vehicles out of harm's way by getting off the highway. Whenever a car gets off the highway and starts hitting trees and buildings, it never really ends well," said Frank DiGennaro with AAA.

Another suggestion is converting key intersections into roundabouts. Drivers may complain about them, but AAA says they prove to be a safe option.

"Those seem to have a great benefit in terms of slowing traffic down, easing the number of accidents at intersections," said DiGennaro.

Other improvements include:

  • Installing median barriers on divided highways to cut down on head-on crashes
  • Paving and widening shoulders
  • Installing shoulder and center line rumble strips
  • Adding sidewalks and pedestrian crossing signals

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) already said it invests $135 million dollars a year in safety improvements to our roads. ODOT said it constantly monitors crashes and invests in priority areas.

Fatalities have increased over the past three years. ODOT said it could be because there are simply more drivers on the roads. ODOT and AAA agree, drivers also need to be more responsible.

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