Anthony Wayne to undergo dehumidification project

Anthony Wayne to undergo dehumidification project

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you've driven on the Anthony Wayne Bridge recently, you may have noticed some construction going on, and it doesn't sound like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

To keep the Anthony Wayne up to par, engineers are working on a new and more advanced way to keep it that way.

It's called The Dehumidification Project-and it's only the second time it's been done on a bridge in the country.

The dehumidification system will dry the air that pushes through the cables that can keep rust from forming.

"Rust is the biggest enemy of the actual cables, so if we can get the air under 40% humidity, then we can keep the rust out," said Doug Rogers, a Transportation Engineer Three at ODOT Two.

To maintain these cables and the bridge, the project will cost $11.5 million, however it's a lot cheaper than replacing the entire structure.

Not only will drivers notice construction on the actual bridge, but underneath it, too.

A building to run the dehumidification equipment will be built. The building will not interfere with visitors' access to the path, as a temporary path will be put in its place.

Also, to beautify the bridge even more, lights will be added so people can see it glow at night over the Maumee River.

The project is scheduled to start summer of 2018 and should take 18 months.

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