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Faces of Flint: Man refuses to pay for 'poisoned water'

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The city of Flint is still urging residents to pay their water bills even as it advises people to continue using filters.

As many residents are fed up waiting for their pipes to be replaced, one man is taking a stand.

"It's killing people. I'm not going to pay for poisoned water," said Butch Siebecker, Flint resident.

Siebecker said he refuses to pay his $1,100 water bill to the city of Flint as long as he's getting tap water he can't drink. Now the city is threatening action.

"I received this treasurer's office notice that they are gonna put a lien on my property for a bill that I haven't paid in six months. Well, why should I pay for poisoned water," Siebecker said.

He said he stopped paying his bill six months ago after he heard horror stories about what the contaminated water was doing to other Flint residents. Inside his house the tap water runs through a filter, but Siebecker said he doesn't believe that's enough to keep the contaminants out.

"Even at 95 percent, they say that thing will run 95 percent of the lead out. There's still 5 percent left," Siebecker said.

To help combat that problem Siebecker and his family have adjusted to using bottled water from bathing to cooking.

"We have to use six of them to make a macaroni and cheese. We have to use 12 bottles of water for a bath," Siebecker said.

Flint city officials said despite having issues with the water, they are still cleaning the water and providing a service to its residents. A service it says customers need to pay for.

"They ain't getting no money from me," Siebecker said.

Residents like Siebecker are putting themselves in a bit of a pickle because the mayor said numerous times residents need to be paying their water bills to get their lines replaced.

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