Call 11 for Action: Neighbors complain of vacant, neglected properties

Call 11 for Action: Neighbors complain of vacant, neglected properties

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Garbage piling up, holes in the ground and large rats are plaguing residents living next to vacant properties in central Toledo.

LaSondra Jones lives in the 3000 block of Scottwood, next to a property she calls more than simply a nuisance. She says it is now a danger and the situation has gotten out of control.

"It's hazardous. It's a mess," Jones said.

Jones says she has been calling the city for some time, but has never seen any results.

Jones says the property has been neglected for years and left vacant. Her biggest concern is the safety of her grandchildren. She says some of them are as young as two and four-years-old. They can't go outside when they visit because of a wide hole in the neighboring yard.

The hole is about four feet deep. Jones says that is deep enough for a child to fall into and get hurt.

"I have a lot of grandkids. And my nephew's got a lot of kids downstairs, and I don't want one of them to run and fall in that hole," Jones said. "The hole is too big."

She also pointed out a door with a gaping hole where animals like possums and cats go in. That hole is also large enough that people could enter.

"Somebody could be in there doing drugs or lighting it on fire," Jones said. "Anything can happen."

Not far away in the North End, another neighbor of a vacant and neglected property says there has been garbage piling up. That garbage is attracted large rats.

He says he has trapped and killed 14 rats in all.

The Call 11 for Action team called Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods.

They found several complaints against the home on Scottwood, and have been in contact with the landlord with no response. They sent an inspector out in February, but so far no city crews have been out to do any clean up or repair.

In the North End, the Department of Neighborhoods says as many as 400 properties are scheduled for demolition by the Land Bank this year.

The department says they will get a crew out to both properties in the next few days to board up the open doors and clean up.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the city asks that you call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020 to get a report made.

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