BG police looking for Uber driver accused of sexual assaulting woman

BG police looking for Uber driver accused of sexual assaulting woman

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green police are looking for a man claiming to be an Uber driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman Sunday morning.

Officers say he picked a woman up and sexually assaulted her in his car just before 4 a.m. Sunday morning.

The victim claims she was picked up by a black man in his 20's driving a white Ford. She said the driver didn't seem familiar with the area.

The victim then said he parked his car and climbed on top of her and began groping her.

After she told him "no," he began driving again. The victim said she had to jump out of the moving car to get away.

She could not tell police if the driver was in fact an official Uber driver or was pretending to be one.

Bowling Green police want to remind anyone using a ride sharing app to make extra sure you are following the app's safety guidelines to ensure you safety.

"One of the big things that they put on there is to make sure to confirm that the person that's picking you up is who it's supposed to be by checking the license plate. And I believe it said to even check the driver's photo and the driver's name," said Lt. Dan Mancuso of Bowling Green police.

If you have any information on who this driver is, you are asked to call the Bowling Green Police Department at 419-352-2571

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