Some Toledo parents getting knock on door about Kindergarten registration

Some Toledo parents getting knock on door about Kindergarten registration

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Parents might get a knock at their door, but it's not to get them to buy something. It's about their kid's future.

The school year is coming to an end later this month but it's not too early to be thinking of next year, especially for incoming kindergartners, who need a little extra time to be ready for their big day in the fall.

Leaders from some Toledo Public elementary schools have been going door to door, or will be soon, to find out which families have incoming Kindergarten students.

TPS does not want to wait to get kids registered, so they can determine who's coming to kindergarten. It's also a chance for the student to get comfortable with their new school.

If you get a knock at the door, you will be given a packet of information to fill out and return to the school. Some schools use emails or mailings to get the registration forms out.

Getting your child a head start on Kindergarten is even more important than ever. Read For Literacy has cited a study by the organization "First Book" that says 39,000 adults in Lucas County read below the fourth grade reading level.

Amy Allen, Ph.D., the Leader of Early Childhood and Special Education for TPS, said, "We are working very hard on those skills, especially with our young children. We encourage our incoming Kindergartners to take advantage of all the community resources that are available to them over the summer. The United Way has a great way, called Imagination Library, which allows families to receive free books delivered right to their home."

Elementary schools are starting to hold Kindergarten open house events. But you can also register your child on the TPS website or at the TPS headquarters at 1609 N. Summit.

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