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Cardinal Stritch holds active shooter training for students, staff and officers

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Cardinal Stritch High School hosted an active shooter training simulation for students, staff and police officers.

Many said it was the most realistic simulations they have been through.

"Even though they know it's a training exercise they're still getting nervous, anxious," said Sgt. Tony Castillo, Oregon Police. "They were anxious waiting for it to begin."

Multiple agencies took part in the training today. Some students volunteered on their day off to participate.

One student had the role of letting the alleged shooter in the building.

“I think it's important so we know what to do if that situation actually happens to us so we know where to go, what to look for," said senior Kaitlyn Empie.

"It gave them a sense of how these types of things go and the seriousness of what this is about," said Father Eric Schild, President of Cardinal Stritch, "but also the fact that we need to trust our emergency personal in the area to really help us in these situation,"

Officers have this message for everyone.

"Make the best decision that you can based on the information you have to survive these,” said Sgt. Castillo. “Your first decision is the right decision. Second decision is probably the wrong one. The worst decision you can make is not making one."

The Oregon Police Department said they will also have another active shooter training, but at Clay High School in the coming weeks.

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